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All they sold were buzzwords viz. "imported quality" & "timeless finish" in a tiny furniture. Nobody, in fact, cared what a kid really wanted!

But we did.

In fact, our journey started with a kid's 1st furniture i.e. cradles and along with all the aesthetical values, what we chose to focus on in our designs was a baby's comfort and how smoothly can it put them to sleep.

Right from designing them after a forward rocking motion to filling pillows with mustard seeds to keeping the mattresses to a 1-inch thickness to elevating the head area by an inch, we did all we could to make it super comfortable for the baby. Now, when it is known as a magic wand at Apollo Hospitals (for calming babies down and putting them to sleep rather swiftly), we feel happy and extremely proud for having achieved what we set ourselves to when we began.

Likewise, when we decided to do a kid's study table, we just did not stick to mere graphics or colors to make it cute. Rather we brought in a majority of 'what a kid does/would like to do' with his/her table and designed pieces that kids now simply adore. For example, our Xpression table literally keeps a kid engaged like never before. They could scribble, draw, study, play, store & also dine - all on just 1 table.

Both of these above examples are multi-functional masterpieces that really do care and pretty much summarize what OCradle as a kids’ furniture brand stands for.

We are a company that strongly believes in improving every single day and are all ears to any feedback that you or your kids have about our products or services. At the same time, we are committed to a transparent and honest communication with all the stakeholders involved.

OCradle was founded in early 2013 by Rahul Bhatt (, who, coming from a non-furniture Industry spent 9 months in understanding the intricacies of furniture world, best practices of which are now actively exercised in the company. He has a 11 months old daughter named Sanaa.